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What about Your Photo Advisor is special enough to be among the best photography websites around? It’s true, there are already some incredible photography websites around. Your Photo Advisor was built to help new photogs quickly learn photography and monetize their craft at lightning speed. 📷

If you have struggled to find joy in your career but love being behind the lens, tapping into your creativity with every photo you take, then a job in photography could be perfect for you. You just need to know what’s possible.

What to Expect on Your Photo Advisor

On Your Photo Advisor, you can expect:

  • Hundreds of hours of photography research to the most common questions condensed into some killer articles.
  • Learn how to scratch the creative itch that photography naturally offers and get paid. Go beyond the tech and art behind photography and into the business side of things.
  • The best resources on how to quickly get work as a photographer.
  • Tips from pros who do this work for a living.

Stick around to see everything photography and get some tech and business nuggets of wisdom. Check out our Blog for a selection of great content. If you want to reach out, head over to the Contact Page.

About Your Photo Advisor Contributors

Hey folks, Roy here. I’m an IT person by day and budding creative by night. I founded Your Photo Advisor in December 2017 as a way to teach myself photography and help creatives monetize their craft. As someone who used to freelance computer builds and repair and offer web design and services, I find it interesting that creatives often have difficulty monetizing their craft.

Even though I have made decent money with my photography skills and services, I would still consider myself a hobbyist photographer. I have found many photographers who claim to be experts but can barely cut the mustard, and I don’t want to come across in the same sleazy way.

It is a priority for me to be transparent and help you as much as possible. This way, you stand to get a fresh take on photography, knowing what is immediately exciting and what works.

If you are not a beginner photographer and wonder what you’re still doing here, I am an expert in IT and the business side of things. Here’s probably the most relevant info I can help you with:

IT Expertise

  • Knowledge of files and storage.
  • Knowledge of operating systems.
  • Knowledge of platforms.
  • Knowledge of integration and automation.

I have had a pretty extensive IT career, but this is probably the most relevant IT information to photography. This essentially means that I am tech savvy, with over 18 years of professional experience in IT, not including thousands of recreational hours. Not only can I grasp technical concepts quickly, but I can also recommend hardware and speak to IT with the authority that few photographers can.

Business Expertise

  • MBA with international honors.
  • Making money online since 2002 in multiple ways.
  • Ran 2 separate, successful freelance operations in my field.

How I can help photographers with business and freelancing is self-explanatory. What makes this interesting, at least to me, is how often photographers and other creatives came up when I was studying personal finance intensely. Stick around to see what I mean!

Therein lies my commitment to you. If I’m going to learn photography, I have to:

  • Share what I learn about photography.
  • Talk to pros who do this for a living.
  • Share gear and tips that work.
  • Share what photography courses are worth the time and cost to go through.
  • Share what worked for me in making money in other industries.
  • Explore the best ways to get work in this field. A little workforce development is always a good thing!

All the best,


FAQs on Your Photo Advisor

Is Your Photo Advisor only for beginners?

This website is for beginner, amateur, or hobbyist photographers or those thinking about switching careers to the beautiful and creative field of photography. This includes established photographers who are struggling to make money using their craft.

Isn’t it hard for creatives to make money?

Any creative service has the potential to make a ton of money. The whole starving artist motif doesn’t help anyone. It will be hard but try to lose the mindset that you can’t make money as an artist.

OK, mindset talk is great and all, but are there photographers who actually make good money?

Once more articles rank online, there are plans to add tips from pros and not just the big shots you can find online. We’re talking about tips from real, everyday photographers who are doing well. It’s not uncommon for Roy to work with professional photographers at his day job.

Examples of successful photographers and creative business owners will be featured on Your Photo Advisor in the future, but for now, go ahead and look up rates for wedding photographers.

Seriously, look a couple up or ask your married friends about their photographer. Once you see these rates, let us know if you think photographers actually make good money. Wedding photography is tough to break into, but this is just one of many niches in photography you can go after.

Awesome. Where should I start on this website?

If you are still learning terms, head over to the Glossary Page. More terms will be added as we go along. If you’re curious about getting a photographer job, head over to this guide to get started: Taking Pictures For A Living: How To Find Photography Jobs. If you want to start making money in your own business immediately, check out the related guide.

You can also check out the recommended Photography Resources. More resources will be added as we go along. Once again, we’d like to do interviews with some established pros sometime in the near future. There are quite a few photographers that are killing it right now!