AirBnB’s hold some of the most beautiful setups for views, vacations, and photoshoots! Families often take monumental group pictures when they are on vacation because they have everyone together at one time. In today’s society, AirBnB has become one of the most popular forms of housing for short trips, which leads us to the question of whether or not pictures can be taken in these homes.

If you first gain permission from the AirBnb owner, you can have a photoshoot in your AirBnb. It is important to ask the owner if they are comfortable with pictures being taken in their home before assuming that they will not mind. This is both a legal issue and a courtesy issue, so don’t skip it.

Unless the owner of an AirBnB has a specific reason why they do not want you to take pictures in their home, most owners should not have a problem with a photoshoot taking place on their property. Photoshoots may even bring free publicity to their families, which could make them more money in the long run.

Can You Do a Photoshoot in an AirBnB?

AirBnB’s have sprouted up all across the world. Many of these properties are well furnished and decorated for the guests’ comfort and pleasure who stay in them. Because of many of these homes’ beauty, users are often apt to take photos in them and use them either professionally or privately.

Before assuming that the owner of the AirBnB does not mind if you have a photoshoot in their home, you must ask permission to use their property in a unique way for which it may not have been intended for. Once you have the go-ahead from the owner, you are welcome to take as many pictures as you like in their home.

Respect is one of the most important components of being a guest of an AirBnB facility. For owners to make money and prosper in this business, they rely on their guests to be respectful, careful, and courteous while staying overnight at these locations.

Some AirBnB’s may be meant for photoshoots, and they may be set up in an aesthetically pleasing way, specifically for a great picture to be taken! Even if this is the case, it is still important to speak to the owner before jumping ahead and beginning a photoshoot.

Source: AirBnB Secrets

Questions to Ask Yourself

Even though you may be super excited to begin taking pictures in your beautiful AirBnB, there are a few questions that you must ask yourself first. If you do not cover all of the bases before jumping into your photoshoot, you could have legal action taken later on, which no one will be happy about!

Questions to ask yourself before having a photoshoot in an AirBnB:

  • Have I asked the owner for permission? Make sure to speak to the AirBnB owner either in person or over the phone so that you have verbal consent.
  • Did I receive written consent? It is a good idea to write up a quick and easy contract or written agreement, stating that you have received permission to have a photoshoot in someone else’s home.
  • Am I respectful of the owner’s property? Remember that this is not your property, and it is important to leave everything the way you found it, and in the condition you found it in.
  • Did I assume anything, or do I have proof? Never believe that just because you don’t think the owner will mind that it will be okay to do something in their home. Always ask permission!

Even though the owner of the AirBnB that you are staying in is in the business to make money, they are still human beings who take pride in what they do and most likely treasure certain aspects of their homes. In order to keep the chain of respect and usage of others’ properties going, you must treat each stay as if you were staying on your own property.

Because of this, it is important to gain consent before having a photo shoot in the owner’s home, in case there is anything that they do not feel comfortable sharing with the world through the lens of someone else’s camera. Even if legal action is taken down the road, you will be able to prove that you were given verbal consent for the photoshoot to take place in that specific location.

How to Take Breathtaking Pictures in an AirBnB

Bring your camera to the photoshoot that you are familiar with and have used before. This will help you gain the best possible result instead of using someone else’s camera or a new tool that you are unfamiliar with. To do something well, you must practice in advance.

Planning is one of the most important elements for having a successful photo shoot. Plan the right time of day for the photo shoot will help you have the best lighting for the type of shoot you will have. Study the home in advance so that you know where the best places are to take pictures also.  

Rule of Threes

The rule of threes in photography describes splitting your lens up into nine parts: three vertical lines and three horizontal lines. Next, you must make the key elements of the photo that you are taking the line up at the points of these segment lines. It is good to focus your image a little off-center for depth and angling purposes.

Indoor Lighting

Taking photos indoors can be difficult because of dim and unnatural lighting. Because of this, it is important to endure inside photos during the day when the sun can shine through the window. It is also important to find the right location inside your AirBnb, where the lighting will look good in the room and on the faces of the subjects in the photoshoot.

Outdoor Lighting

On the other hand, outdoor lighting can be too bright at times. It is important to find a good time of day and a good location at your AirBnb where the sun will not outshine your subjects but instead give your subjects a beautiful, natural glow.

Source: BNB Duck

What to Do After Your AirBnB Photoshoot

After you have completed your photoshoot in the AirBnB, make sure to return any furniture, artwork, props, and pictures to their original locations so that you leave home exactly how you found it. This is a gesture of respect and will be much appreciated by the owner of the AirBnB.

If given an inch, do not take a mile. If your AirBnB owner says you can take pictures in their backyard but not inside the house, follow these guidelines. It is important to be respectful of the owner’s wishes, even if you do not understand why they are withholding photography rights in their home.

Source: IGMS

Before you go to your AirBnB for vacation, please first read all the rules and guidelines listed by both AirBnB and the owner of the specific home that you will be staying in. AirBnB has a particular list of general guidelines to follow, and each owner can make a list of their specific wishes while they have guests stay in their homes.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, you must gain verbal permission from the owner of the AirBnB to conduct a photo shoot in their home. Once approval has been received, you can have full reign of the AirBnB for whatever type of photoshoot you want to have.

Most owners should not mind, but it is important to ask for permission anyway, out of respect, and to ensure that you are not breaking any of the rules of AirBnb that you have agreed to follow while using the service.