Update 8/20: Hey guys, Roy here, the creator of this website, YourPhotoAdvisor. When I started this website back in late 2017, one of the ideas on how to monetize this website and keep it going was through ClickBank.

The product chosen was Photography Jobs Online. This program is a case study on excellent marketing and a masterclass in affiliate marketing (Seriously, the PJO affiliate program page is amazing), but with a mediocre deliverable product (monthly membership) at best.

Main KeywordPhotography-Jobs.net Review
Main Keyword Searches1.3k
Longtail Searches (Est)125k
Avg $/Sale$102
Commission Rate50% per sale
Clickbank Offer Gravity26.44
Estimated Mo. Earnings$3,420+
​Niche Difficulty (1-10)2
Table 1: One of the main reasons why I chose PJO as the monetization strategy of YPA.

For the complete beginner, the information in this product was fine, but it wasn’t put together all that well. I started seeing that this product hadn’t been updated in years, and had shown no sign updating. Then in the summer of 2020, I noticed a few things that became the final straw as to whether I would continue to help sell this product or not.

The first thing is the program is no longer available at ClickBank. It has disappeared from the marketplace in both the affiliate section and the commerce section. Not only can you not promote it anymore, you also can’t buy it anymore. So that part is easy enough.

ClickBank Marketplace with no Photography Jobs Online Listing

After seeing this and finding that there are many people who didn’t like the program to begin with, I decided to take down any mention of it on this website, including links to the PJO website and mentions that this was the best product on the market.

I won’t drone on the program anymore. Philip from Create Retirement Income Online wrote a post that sums up everything about Photography Jobs Online perfectly. I’ll keep this review up that I hired a contributor to write, as a reminder to do a better job vetting photography programs in the future.

Don’t hold this against me too hard, I have over 110 high quality articles that are leagues better than this review below. Thanks and I hope to see you around soon. I’m gunning for over 220 high quality articles by the end of 2021.

There are many services out there for helping find work as a photographer. In this post, we’re going to be looking at one specifically. Read on for our Photography-Jobs.net review.

The arts are one of the things which make us human. If we didn’t have art, we would be that much closer to animals. There are many different kinds of art across the world and the definition of the term changes based on where you are, but most people can agree that any sort of art is something special.

While illustration and music are two forms of art which often come to mind first, there are many other legitimate forms of artistic expression, such as sculpture. There is even the distinction between visual and performing arts, in which one is created separately, and one is performed by the artist.

Man Holding Photo Camera

A visual art which has been seeing a boom in participants for the past few decades is photography. This is the form of art that we will be addressing today. More specifically, we are going to be reviewing a great service to help photographers find a job: Photography Jobs Online (Photography-Jobs.net).

If you would like another visual art example, painting is a good one because the work is completed by the painter before it is displayed to the public. A performing art would be one such as dance where the artist and the piece of art are blended into one. Keep in mind that both of these art forms can be combined as well.

If you are wondering what a performing visual art would look like, imagine a painter who makes his piece in front of a crowd of people, this blurs the line between visual and performance art. While the work of art is still undoubtedly the painting, is the process itself not equally beautiful?

Where To Find Your Next Photography Job

As with many other artistic disciplines, it can be hard to find a job in the field of photography. If you are looking for a place to get started, you have a few choices at your disposal. One of the more common options is to send your portfolio to talent agencies and other publications looking for photographers.

Unfortunately, sending out your portfolio in the hopes that it catches someone’s eye is not the most efficient way to go about getting a job in the photography industry. You could end up waiting indefinitely for a letter back while you could be working on your preferred career and amassing experience.

If you don’t want to send out your work and hope that someone will see it, you can also find a job through connections, which is a widespread occurrence in the photo industry. Unfortunately, not everyone has the links that they need to get their work recognized with relative ease; it seems that this may not be the best method either.

Find Job Button On Keyboard

Few of these options will provide the same quality of service as Photography Jobs Online does for several reasons. First off, most of these alternatives involve you sinking quite a bit of time into your search for a photography job, which takes up precious hours that you could be building your portfolio.

There is also the increased likelihood of getting a job from a service that is 100% dedicated to finding a way for aspiring, talented photographers to start making money. Before we get to our photography jobs online review, let’s take a look at some things to consider when searching for a photography job.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Photography Job Provider

Let’s take a look on some things you should pay attention on when choosing your next photography job:


When you are looking for a job, you want to be sure that you have a reasonable amount of job security. If you can’t trust the company or person who is paying you for your services, what is the point of doing your job in the first place? It will be hard to pay your bills if your employer fires you after two weeks of work.

How do you know whether or not you can trust your photography job provider, however? It can be challenging to determine whether or not a company is worthy of your trust unless you hear about them from their previous customers. It is for this reason that you may wish to go over consumer testimonials.

Reading about customers’ previous experiences with a particular job service will help give you a better idea of what exactly you will get out of that provider. You are much better off opting for a job where you know the details of what you are getting involved in instead of going in blind.

Photography Jobs Customer Review

Jobs are not something to be taken lightly, and it can be challenging to do an excellent job if you don’t trust your employer. A lack of trust will not only have direct repercussions, but there will also be indirect adverse side effects as well. For example, it can be tough to stay motivated if you feel like your employer is cheating you.

When you have a good working relationship with your photography job provider, you will be that much more willing to work. Willingness to work means that you are more likely to put effort into your job and that will improve the chances of you making better money from your photography.

Trusting your employer will have the added benefit of making you a happier worker. It can be difficult to respect a job provider who does not trust you. If you believe that your work is taken for granted, the only recourse is to attempt to find a new job because it is likely that things will not work out in the long run.


You will also want reliability out of your chosen photography job provider for many of the same reasons that you will want to demand trust. While these two aspects may sound similar, there are a few fundamental differences between a trustworthy employer and one that you can rely on.

An employer that you can trust is one that will always pay you out on time and will never underpay you for your work, but this does not necessarily make them reliable. A reliable employer is one that you can be sure will get your bills paid at the end of the month as long as you are ready to work.

Many online job services will employ several different photographers, and if your work is not in demand at the time, you may not make money for a period. Going without pay for some time is not the end of the world if you have savings, but it gets annoying to have to dip into your savings now and then.

On the other hand, a reliable employer will be able to provide you with work whenever you need it. Whether it is due to a lower number of working photographers or if it is due to high demand, it always helps to have an employer who is ready for new submissions whenever they have been developed.

Two Men Shaking Hands

Are photography jobs legit? That depends on how reliable your employer is. If you are looking for a small source of income on the side, it may not bother you if your chosen job provider is unreliable. If photography is your primary source of income, you will want a more reliable employer.


Your chosen photography job provider should also be capable of providing all the help that you will require as an employee. In case there is an issue with payment or anything else, you will need some form of contact information for your job provider so that the problem can be sorted out.

Depending on the job provider that you opt for, the level of employee support can vary from excellent to non-existent. While it may not seem like things may go wrong over the period that you work for your chosen employer, you are better off being safe than sorry, especially when it is your money on the line.

There are many different methods that you would be able to use to get in touch with an employer’s service department. The first thing you will want to do is check your job provider’s website for a support live chat option. If there is a support phone number, we would recommend calling that next.

If none of the other support options end up working for you, there is always the option to email the company directly, but we would recommend saving this for exceptional cases. Keep in mind that online payments can sometimes take days to process, so you want to avoid being too hasty when contacting support.

Payment Options

When looking for online photographer jobs, you will want to choose an employer that can pay you out in a variety of manners. A more versatile range of payment options makes it more likely that you will be paid on time and in the way that you prefer. There are several more advantages to having many payment options.

When you can choose to get paid out in the manner that accommodates you best, it increases the amount of net revenue that you will be making. For example, if a check made out in your name would incur too many fees, you can instead opt for another payment method that is more affordable.

Illustration Of Payment Options

Having the choice of payment options is not only ideal for saving you money, but it will allow you to get paid in extenuating circumstances. For example, if you don’t currently have access to your login information for your Paypal, you can still be paid out using some other form of payment method.

There is also the matter of convenience to account for. Sometimes, you may end up needing access to your money a little sooner than otherwise. If you have to pay for something urgent, you can always request to be paid out through a faster (but likely more expensive) payment method.

An employer who provides more options for you to get paid has quite a few advantages over the competition. If you want to find the best place to sell photos online, look for a job where you can get your money the way you want it. Now let’s move on to our Photography-Jobs.net review.

Best Place For Finding Photography Jobs: Photography Jobs Online (Photography-Jobs.net) 

If you want to get paid for taking photos online, there are a few services which can provide you employment, but you may be wondering which of them is the best.

Today, we are going to be presenting our Photography Jobs Online review. There are a few reasons why we believe that Photography Jobs Online is a great choice, so we’ll split this review into sections.

Before we get into the details, however, let’s go over Photography-Jobs.net and give you a bit of an overview of the company and some insight into how they work.

An Employment Opportunity For Any Aspiring Photographer

Photography Jobs Online is a service which helps photographers make money, regardless of whether they are veterans or just getting started in the hobby. Photographers who work for this company can make up to 25 dollars on each photo that they submit, and the price can increase for higher quality.

Get Paid To Take Photos

This service makes money through the sale of stock photos, which has long been established as one of the best ways to make money on the Internet. Stock photos are always in demand from companies that are both large and small, so it is easy to make money in this field.

Many similar companies put a limit on the number of photos that you can make available for download, but Photography-Jobs.net allows you to publish as many as you want. Since you can release so many photos, Photography Jobs Online is an excellent service for more prolific photographers.

Make Your Own Schedule

One of our favorite draws for Photography Jobs Net is that you can set your schedule to your liking. If you are a morning person, you can get up as early as you like and start taking photos. When you blend your passion seamlessly with your job, making money becomes much more enjoyable.

Unlike other online photography job providers, Photography Jobs Online does not give you a minimum number of photos that have to be submitted within a specified period. If you need some time off or if you are having some creative difficulties, you don’t have to worry about losing your job.

The issue with photography (and art in general) is that it can’t be constrained by deadlines and schedules. Art is its own creative process, and that means that it will take time. This is why business and art have such difficulty when they intermingle; they are fundamentally incompatible with each other.

When art is about taking as long as you need to get the best result possible and business is about getting an acceptable enough result in the shortest time span, there is bound to be a clash. Thankfully, Photography Jobs Online recognizes this and gives their employees the time they need.

How To Make Money Selling Stock Photos

So how exactly does Photography Jobs Online work? The idea is quite simple. You can publish any photos you have taken and make them available to one of many stock photo agencies or even individuals. If any of the buyers like your work, they will download it and you get paid your fee every time.

Stock Photography Agency

This payment system means that better pictures can get the recognition (and reward) that they deserve. You can also rest easy knowing that your work won’t get buried under thousands of other photos since it will be accessible to so many different buyers.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Of course, since this is a job, you are probably wondering how much money you can end up making from selling your photos online. One of the best parts of Photography Jobs Online is that you can choose how much money you make. Depending on how many images you upload, your income will vary.

Some of the most prolific uploaders on Photography-Jobs.net can make over $10,000 per month selling their photos. Of course, it will be challenging to start off at such a high level of income, but even beginners can make around $200 per week if they understand the premise.

Ideal For Frequent Travelers

Photography-Jobs.net is an excellent job provider for photographers who find themselves traveling the world more often than not. If you work for this company, you can work out of over 150 countries. It has been the dream of many photographers to travel the world and get paid for their pictures, and now you can.

From Italy all the way to Singapore, you can sell your pictures and support yourself using Photography Jobs Online. Keep in mind that this company is based in the United States, so you will have to live there if you would like the fastest payout with the fewest possible international fees.

You Can Choose What You Photograph

One of the best parts of photography is the sheer variety of the subjects that you can specialize in. While photography is mostly seen as a single discipline, the difference between various domains of photography can be like night and day. It is for this reason that Photography Jobs Online allows you to choose your own specialization.

Availible Photography Jobs Online

You can choose to take pictures of anything that you want when working for this job provider. From pictures of nature to images of city life, the stock image companies who browse Photography Jobs Online are looking for various types of photos and a variety of subjects.

If you want to get paid by this service, it doesn’t matter what you decide to take pictures of. You can even take a photo of your dog and put it up on Photography Jobs Online; if the image is received well by the buyers, you can end up making money without having left your house.

Try Before You Buy

If you don’t want to take a risk, you can always try the 7-day free trial for Photography-Jobs.net and see how you like their services. A week is long enough to see everything that you will be provided, and it will give you a chance to decide whether or not the price of subscription is worth it.

Even after you have completed your free trial, there is still no risk as you can get your money back within 60 days of subscribing. If you are not impressed with the service that you are provided, nothing is forcing you to stick around.

An Affordable Service

The problem with many online photography job providers is that they ask for a ridiculous sum of money to find you work. If you are looking for a job, it would be logical to assume that you don’t have the money to overpay someone for a chance to make money.

Photography Jobs Online is a great choice due to their combination of a money-back guarantee and an excellent price. If you are looking to get into photography, you can start working your dream job for only 27 dollars per month; with the amount of money you will be making, you can pay this off in no time.

Intuitive Introductory Course

There is also a step-by-step guide that is easy to follow for those who would like to learn the photo submission process. We would recommend that you start here if you have never used a similar service before. This guide can be completed in short order, so you don’t have to worry about it cutting into your first profits.

Close Shot With DLSR Camera

Photography-Jobs.net Review Conclusion

Now that we have reached the end of our Photography-Job.net review, we can give our verdict on the service. We would argue that this is a solid photography job service on the market right now.

Photography Jobs Online is a great option due to the number of resources they provide and the potential for profit.