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This Is Why a Camera’s Lens Diameter Matters

This Is Why a Camera’s Lens Diameter Matters

The camera lens diameter is the measurement of the very front part of the lens, which is more important than the camera itself. Here’s why: the camera lens is the most crucial element in taking a stellar picture. A camera lens diameter matters because the larger it...

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Do Teleconverters Work With Macro Lenses?

Do Teleconverters Work With Macro Lenses?

A teleconverter or extender is a special lens used to magnify the object you’re trying to photograph. And doing so can help to make the subject the main focus and therefore capture more detail than you would with the standard lens. But do they work with macro ones?...

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Why Are Camera Lenses Black?

Why Are Camera Lenses Black?

Cameras are arguably one of the most incredible and essential inventions in our species' history. They allow us to record data, make memories, and exchange information, though how they work remains a mystery to many. If you're wondering why camera lenses are typically...

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