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Is Autofocus Important for Video?

Many photographers, videographers, and filmmakers believe that manual focus is superior to autofocus and should be used at all times. However, with recent improvements in autofocus technology, this may no longer be the case. Autofocus can be used effectively in...

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The 4 Best Camera Sliders for Interviews

Camera sliders aren’t necessary to use for filming interviews, but they can certainly make the process much easier. You might be wondering which camera sider is best to pull this off. The overall best camera slider for interviews is the GVM Motorized Camera Slider...

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How To Rent a Camera Lens in 8 Steps

When you're exploring new places, it helps to have the right gear. With the right camera lens, you can take selfies, group shots, as well as zoomed-in bird's-eye-view videos of your cat — not to mention a slow-motion recording of a kiss. Here’s how to rent a camera...

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The 4 Best Lenses for Bird Photography

Bird photography is a difficult activity. Birds are erratic and quick, and they typically don’t let you get too close, so you need a camera lens that can bring distant subjects close and capture them in detail. With the right lens in hand, you can capture...

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Prime vs. Zoom Lenses: Do You Know the Difference?

I've always been curious about the difference between prime and zoom lenses. There seems to be some opinion that one is better than the other. To get to the bottom of the debate, I did some research, and this is what we found. Zoom lenses and prime lenses differ by...

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How To Fix Camera Lens Scratches in 10 Steps

Whether it’s just a part of your smartphone or it’s a stand-alone digital model, a camera is a super powerful tool. A camera is so important that it can be annoying or even downright painful when a scratch ruins your lens. You don't have to fret, though; it's...

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Ways to Make Money Beachside Photo

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